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Hey guys this is Agent 97 here to say how much i am actually sad how summer has to end and yea waking up back to reality (which sucks yes i know haha!) So that is why I'm here to maybe say a few things that i have done during the summer…. ok so here it goes! 

So I think what started to kick off summer at the beginning was when i went to an awesome exhibit in the Discovery Times Square called Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N! I seriously really enjoyed the exhibit filled with awesome displays of what makes the avengers a super awesome team! Then i moved it over to the 2014 Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con and i think that it was a really great comic con this year because it was my chance to actually cosplay a marvel character (even though its not the best looking one out there). But it was really great being there for 2 years in a row and plus meeting new friends at the con was the fun part along the way. Another part that i enjoyed during the comic con was definitely meeting an awesome actor name Sebastian Stan. I really cannot help it that the fact i really met this friggan actor who plays the friggan winter soldier! Like seriously the winter soldier is such an awesome character! But that really gave me the best day of my life, and i won't forget that day! BTW i even wanted to pinch myself and say that I'm dreaming but aw man i cannot believe it i gave myself that chance! Hehehe! 

Ok moving on… along the way, i went to several art classes and reunited/met new/old friends. I pretty much hanged out with friends and even went to do awesome things with my friends. And then during that time yea i did summer work for school... ugh! That was a pain! But its finally finished and junk lol. But besides that i also watched LOTS of movies during summer. I think the best movie of the summer for 2014 is definitely The Guardians of The Galaxy! Whooo i cannot explain how much that movie made my mind blown away! James Gunn you did a fantastic job with the movie! I cannot wait for Guardians of The Galaxy 2 soon! But also another movie thats placed in 2nd for me is this independent film called Begin Again which i just recently watched during labor day. It was just a beautiful story about people making music and just having fun together. The main character however, i can see how she has a hard time with her boyfriend who is obvious is a superstar and also a great musician. But all of the above the movie was just a great movie and plus Mark Rufflo (Hulk) was a wonderful actor! He was so into character and just showed the spirit of making music in a perfect harmony as he teams up with the girl who struggles but she starts to change as the movie keeps going. Aw man i really recommend it to anyone who's into independent films and also a musical kind of feeling. 

Finally to kick it all off, today i got myself a chance to be down at the shore in jersey with my family and it was great to be back down at the shore feeling the fresh air of summer and the beautiful ocean. Oh and lets not forget the fresh delicious food i had too! I think it has been forever i haven't been down at the shore lol i need a tan! But yea i believe thats all i have done during the summer and everything just felt so completed! I'm very happy with what i did during the summer! Now i cannot wait to see whats in stored for next years summer! Maybe more trips down the shore lol i love the ocean and the beach! Or maybe more comic cons hahah I'm very jealous with people at san diego comic con and otakon lol! But now its finally the end and yea going back to reality.. ugh that sucks! But I'm sure time will fly again. I hope i will finish off my stupid high school life easy so the pressure can be let go off my shoulders as back to school season starts. Alright well i hope i will give it all my best! Plus i better think about what i want to do in life once i head off to college and everything like that.. yea its gonna be a challenge too… but maybe things will be figured out sooner enough. 

OK so after working on Lady Loki… about 2 things were missing.. which was the tesseract and the scepter….. So yea after the philly comic con i went back to work on working on those two so i won't feel like it was missing to the cosplay stuff. So right now i finished the tesseract and now i am close to being finished with the scepter so just need to assemble it and then I'm good to go. There will be a 50/50 chance i will might be lady loki again for the 2014 NYCC! But for now my next comic con trip is probably the 2014 Retro Con which I'm excited to come back if i have the chance! But its a great chance for me to reunite with old cosplayer friends! 

Alright so this is my update so far… and even though i will be in school and everything i will still be here have a little update from time to time (especially with my cosplay project hahaha!) But for now… farewell summer! See you again next year! See you guys! 

This is Agent 97 signing out! 

 XOXO ~ Starlight Goddess Cosplay

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Hi! my name is Aki other wise know as Gigi (my real name) or the Cosplay Warrior and i am a Otaku! I have used DeviantArt for about 2 years but i never uploaded things because of stuff.. but it makes me feel pretty busy in reality... but its ok let me tell u guys all about me. I have been cosplaying for about 4 years now and its has started be become an obsession and i really love it. I have working on DIY projects on my cosplay projects. I am also placed in 3rd for a costume contest at Omega Con in Philadelphia! So yea Dressing up as a character is really an awesome hobby! I also love lolita fashion and harajuku. Im also a video game nerd! Like i will play as many games as i can lol. I also have a huge obsession with the Vocaloids! My celeb crush is Sebastian Stan <3 Besides this... i also love a cartoon called Adventure Time. I have been a Twihard fan (Twilight fan) and a Tribute (Hunger Games fan).. I love to draw comics and go to comic and anime conventions. My favorite food is sushi and ramen. I also love marvel/DC like the Avengers, X-men, Justice League, Teen Titans, and Young Justice well... i guess thats all….
Here are some extra links to find me
Otaku Mode:…

Heres a quote that has been my favorite ever since i watched this favorite movie! and its from The Lego Movie. This quote inspired me a lot! And it gives me courage and i want to share it to you all.

"Okay. What I see, are people - inspired by each other, and by you. People taking what you made, and making something new out of it. You don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting and most extraordinary person in the in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Special. "
~ Emment ( The Lego Movie)

I love the Avengers and Justice League so i cannot debate on which is better hahaah

here are some funny photos/gifs i like … there are some avengers junk lol

My favorite movies right now is the winter solider :iconpinkheartsplz:

And Guardians of the Galaxy Whooo

My favorite video game that I'm still under the obsession with is Injustice :D

My favorite Tv shows is Adventure Time :iconfinnandjakeplz:

Agents of SHIELD :D

Young Justice :)

Doctor Who :iconpinkheartsplz: (and no i have't watched the old series…. maybe i should lol because I'm paying way too much attention to the newest ones lol)

Sherlock :)

White Collar

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yep :) But i LOVE going to new york! I haven't been there for a while and i hope to come back soon
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